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Now, through our website, acquiring drivers insurance is becoming easier than ever: (1) Answer a few questions, (2) Calculate the price, (3) Buy your insurance quickly and easily.

Through our website you can proceed with drivers insurance, by selecting the plan that suits you best.  Click here to view the covers our plans provide. Click here to view the policy cover, terms and exceptions.

For the Information Document of Insurance Undertaking, click here.

It is important to know that in order to purchase insurance through our website the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • You are completely healthy and not suffering from any physical disablement, illness or incompetence.
  • You are a permanent resident of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • You are aged from 18 - 70.

If the above are not met or if you need any assistance on our website, contact us on 8000.87.87. 

If, after completing the purchase, you decide that this policy does not meet your needs, you have the right, within fourteen days from the date of the purchase of the policy and provided no claims have been submitted, to complete and send the attached document to our Company and we will refund the premium you have paid.

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Study our insurance plans and choose below the one that best meets your needs.
Note that you can choose cover for driving a vehicle and a motorcycle.



€20.000 €30.000 €40.000 €10.000

Permanent Disablement up to

€20.000 €30.000 €40.000 €10.000

Medical Expenses up to

€1.000 €1.500 €2.000 €600