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Now, through our website, insuring your home is becoming easier than ever: (1) Answer a few questions about yourself and your home, (2) Calculate the price, (3) Buy your insurance quickly, easily and at a reduced rate. 

Through our website you can insure your home by selecting one of the four plans we offer. 
Click here for the covers our plans provide.

For the Information Document of Insurance Undertaking, click here.

It is important to know that in order to purchase insurance through our website the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • You are the sole owner/tenant of the home to be insured.
  • The insured amounts with regards to your home do not exceed:
    • €450.000 in total for the building, the contents and the valuables.
    • €50.000 for contents.
    • €10.000 for valuables (Note: the maximum limit per valuable item is €2.000).

The home to be insured:

  • Is less than sixty years old.
  • Is built of concrete or metal structure and walls with bricks/concrete.
  • Is not conjoined to a shop / warehouse / office / workshop / small industry.
  • Is not and/or will not be unoccupied for more than 180 consecutive days.
  • Is not currently insured with General Insurance of Cyprus. 

If the above are not met or if you need any assistance on our website, contact us on 8000.87.87.

If, after completing the purchase, you decide that this policy does not meet your needs, you have the right, within fourteen days from the date of the purchase of the policy and provided no claims have been submitted, to complete and send the attached document to our Company and we will refund the premium you have paid.

I confirm that I meet all the above prerequisites.

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Insurance Plan   

Please consider the covers our Home Web plan provides and note that you can add optional covers, for an additional premium, as follows:

Earthquake, Storm & Tempest/Flood, Burglary.

Fire due to short circuit  
Damage due to fire fighting  
Bush fire  
Boiler/gas explosion  
Storm & Tempest/Flood    

Insurance Plans

Study below our Insurance Plans and choose the one that best meets your needs.



= Covers and benefits

= Optional covers








Fire due to short circuit


Damage due to fire fighting


Bush fire


Boiler/gas explosion




Storm and Tempest / Flood


Collision by aircraft, vehicles, animals


Strikes, riots, civil commotion, political or labour disturbances


Malicious damage


Escape of water or oil






Removal of debris


Consulting engineers and architects


Solar heater cover


Inflation protection


Loss of rent


Alternative accommodation expenses


Liability as owner or tenant

€250.000 €90.000    

Indemnity on the replacement value


Automatic reinstatement of the sum insured




Falling trees


Breakage of glass or mirrors


Accidental damage to cables or underground services


Replacement of door locks


Accidental death benefit *


Credit cards *


Luggage *


Personal liability *


Short circuit cover


Professional equipment


Ceramic Hob Covers


Loss of measurable water, gas or oil


Christmas Presents


Funeral Expenses


Emergency entrance to a Residence


Ηome Assistance (click here to view the services)


* Not applicable when the insured is a legal person.


Home Assistance (800 92655)

Home Assistance is designed to offer you home emergency and routine maintenance services.

Home assistance emergency service

This service applies to the following (emergency) cases and is available 24 hours a day. All it takes is a phone call, and a specialised technician will  be available to you for the repair of any damage that requires immediate attention  as follows:


    Up to a limit of €150 per visit and a maximum of three (3) cases per annual period of insurance.

    Up to a limit of €150 per visit and a maximum of three (3) cases per annual period of insurance.
  • • LOCKS:

    Replacement of the main entrance locks, in case of loss or theft of keys, or damaged locks, up to a limit of €150 per visit and a maximum of three (3) cases per annual period of insurance.
  • • GLASS: 

    Replacement of the broken glass of exterior doors or windows, up to a limit of €150 per visit and a maximum of three (3) cases per annual period of insurance.

Note: The Insured has the right to use the services described above, up to he limit stated in each one of them and up to five (5) times in total per annual Period of Insurance.

Home Assistance Connection Services

This service allows you to contact the technical assistance company with which we cooperate to request quotations from specialised technicians for any maintenance, repair or construction work you wish to undertake in your home. If you accept their offer, the technical assistance company will coordinate the various technicians involved, in order to ensure the smooth execution of the work required, guarantee the quality of the work and control the cost involved (which in this case is payable by yourself, the insured). The technical assistance company will also provide a six-month guarantee for the good execution of the work.

The specialised technicians can provide services in the following areas:

Plumbing, electrical installations, locks and security systems (mechanical or electronic), glass panes and mirrors, construction work, painting, carpentry work, installation of TV antennas, heating/air-conditioning, TV, video or DVD rentals, security services, repair of domestic appliances, steel or aluminum structures, disinfections, tents, insulations, wooden floors and cleaning of drains. 


The Home Assistance service is provided free of charge to Home Plus and Home Superior policy holders. This service may be modified or discontinued at the Company’s discretion, at any future Policy renewal, following written notice to the insured.
This leaflet is for information purposes only. Details regarding the terms, restriction and exclusion are included in the relevant Insurance Policies.